Water found on this planet will also get life?  

For the first time, space scientists have discovered a      planet other than Earth where there can be chances of    life.

 There is also water on this planet and also favorable temperature for human living.

Scientists in London have written about it in the journal 'Nature' and have told that this planet is twice the size of Earth. Scientists say that its temperature is between zero to 40 degrees Celsius.

Scientists have currently named this planet K 2-1 8 B and it is 111 light years away from Earth. One of the major concerns of astronomers is that since it is very far away, it is difficult to reach now and find out if there is already life there.

But scientists also hope that in the coming decade we will be able to detect it with the help of state-of-the-art telescopes.

Professor Bayern Beneck of the Canadian-based University of Montreal is leading the search.

Professor Bayern Beneck explains, "This is the first time we are really seeing the presence of water and steam on a planet other than Earth. This planet is in a place where it can get enough heat, just like it Earth gets from the Sun. That's why we are seeing the possibility of life here. "

Professor Beneck also said that despite similarities with the Earth, this planet is also quite different from it "I think we have to be a little careful when comparing it to Earth because it is different in many ways. Its diameter is about two and a half times the diameter of the Earth. We know that gases around such planets There is also a thick coating and as you go inside it, the temperature also increases. "

Scientists say that so far K 2-1 8 B is the only planet outside our solar system where life can be expected. There is much to know about this at the moment.

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