What will happen to India if the Taliban arrived in Afghanistan?

Whether the talks between the United States and the Taliban that tried to end the long-running civil war in Afghanistan have been broken, questions are arising, where is India in this whole picture?

India has assisted in the improvement of education, health, basic amenities in Afghanistan for years, but neither the Government of Afghanistan nor India was involved in the nine rounds of talks that have been going on in Doha for the last one year.

There is a concern in India that if the Taliban influence in the future government of Afghanistan, it will not be good news for them.

The Taliban is close to Pakistan and India-Pakistan relations are well known.

On September 5, 12 people were killed, including an American soldier, in a Taliban car bomb attack in a very safe green zone in Kabul. After that in a tweet, US President Donald Trump announced the end of talks with the Taliban.

The violence in Afghanistan has increased after this announcement.

There are diplomatically important buildings in the Green Zone, such as the Afghanistan Security Service National Directorate of Security's office and the US Embassy.After the conversation between the two nopaksha, the draft consent form was also agreed.

In return for the withdrawal of the US military, the Taliban agreed that they would ensure that no extremist organization uses the soil of Afghanistan against another country. There are still about 14,000 American soldiers in Afghanistan.

But the cycle of violence has started again.

India's concern

Nearly 3,000 people were killed in the US in the 9–11 attacks, for which the US held the Islamic extremist group Osama bin Laden responsible. Osama bin Laden was in the shelter of the Taliban in Afghanistan at that time.

The US invaded Afghanistan and removed the Taliban from power but the Taliban did not completely disappear and they gradually strengthened their roots.

Since then, the United States and its allies have been trying to stop the Taliban attacks, but this has not happened.

For a long time, foreign countries have continued to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and are considered responsible for the situation in Afghanistan today. Whether it was the Soviet Union at that time, or America or Pakistan.

India is seen as a friend in Afghanistan who has not interfered in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

During the talks between the US and the Taliban, there were concerns in some of India's circles that if the Taliban played an important role in the future Afghan government, then the land of Afghanistan could be used against India, especially when the Taliban were seen close to Pakistan. Goes and in the past, anti-India faction groups have been organizing their training camps in Afghanistan.

Apart from this, what will happen to India's political, economic and social investment in Afghanistan and how people will continue to interact.

There was also a concern in India that the Afghan government was not involved in this conversation. The relations between India and the Afghan government are very good.

The Taliban said that they would first talk about the removal of the US Army from Afghanistan, and only America can talk on it. The Taliban consider the Afghan government to be a "puppet" of the United States that "does not represent the Afghan people."

According to former diplomat MK Bhadrakumar on these concerns in India, India cannot cooperate more in negotiations between the US and the Taliban.

He says, "If the United States had seen more with India, it would have annoyed Pakistan without talking. The United States has kept India informed on this conversation as per the need. Whether it is through diplomats in Washington or Delhi Or is it to send the Special Envoy of Afghanistan Zilmay Khalilzad to India? "

At a time when this debate was going on in India, Trump announced the end of the conversation.

A journalist in Kabul said that the Afghan government is happy with the announcement that the talks between the US and Taliban are over and the locals are asking that the US took such a big decision on the death of an American soldier and during the US-Taliban talks, the Taliban What about the lives of Afghans who were killed in the attacks.

Should India have direct contact with the Taliban?

India has just avoided establishing direct diplomatic contact with the Taliban.

Dawood Azmi, editor of the BBC Pashto Service in London questions this policy.

He says, "Whether it is Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia or Uzbekistan, all these people meet the Taliban, call them, talk. And they have also offered that we join the Afghan peace talks If the Government of India decides that we have to meet and talk with the Taliban, then the Taliban will give a positive response.

Dawood further says, "I think that if there is any hint from India, the Taliban will be ready to sit and talk with Hindustan ... which was being negotiated with America and Taliban, it was also written that Taliban It will guarantee that no faction will use the land of Afghanistan against any other country. If this guarantee comes into force then it will also benefit India.

"The Taliban want me to sit with India as well. Because in a few years of the Taliban.

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